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No annual fee and up to 45 days to pay back at 0% interest.
With the added flexibility to payback with a percent of daily revenue and no high cash balances required.

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By Founders. For Founders
0% interest for up to 45 days to settle the full amount. No annual fees, personal guarantees or credit checks.

"Right from Day 1, I got the impression that they really care about my business and truly want to grow with me."

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Flexibility when you need it

Flexibility when you need it

Need more time? The Clear Card allows you to payback with a small percent of daily revenue.

“After raising a seed round and small Series A, Clearbanc was a fresh and easy way to supplement our funding. It offers us the freedom and flexibility to invest in the areas of the business that need it most. Clearbanc has really helped us grow responsibly.”

We believe in your growth

Unlike other cards on the market, we dont require high cash balances as we calculate your credit limit based on your business health metrics. That means no credit limit changes when your bank account moves.

"I would say the ease of use made it really attractive for us. It was an interesting and innovative solution to what we needed."

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Our fee structure is designed for every founder to understand. Understanding the cost of your capital shouldn’t require an MBA.

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Get funded in a couple of clicks

Who can apply

Not sure if you qualify for Clearbanc Card? Here’s how you can apply.

Monthly Revenue

Your business is making at least $10,000 per month.

Online Payments

Your business processes a majority of your sales through one of our trusted revenue verification partners.

Time in Business

Your business has a proven track record with +6 months of growth and revenue.

Who can apply

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See how some of the fastest growing online brands have grown with our capital.

Your business is safe and secure with us

Your business is safe and secure with us

As the world’s largest ecommerce investor, we are committed to the highest possible security standards.

  • Over $1B invested and counting
    More than 2,500 founders trust Clearbanc for their funding
  • Everything is encrypted
    We use military-grade data encryption when handling your information
  • Backed by trusted investors
    Clearbanc is supported by some of the world’s most trusted investors and +$300M in investment

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