Kevin Leboeuf

Kevin Leboeuf

Co-Founder of Educated Beards

I served in the Canadian Military Forces for 14 years. Being in the army was my only career plan. In 2016 I was then diagnosed with PTSD and I had to leave the army. When I left the army that was the first time that I could grow my beard. I went through all the typical issues men go through when growing a beard, the itchiness, the dryness, the flakiness. Beard oil was the solution I stumbled upon to help with it.

I went out and purchased some beard oil but Alicia, my partner who is super sensitive to harsh chemicals didn't approve of the ingredient list. Being a holistic nutritionist, I asked her to make me a natural substitute. Friends began to notice a difference in my beard and kept asking what I was using. That's when we realized that there was a market here. So we took a step back, did 11 months of R&D to perfect our oil and then launched Educated Beards.

Every one of our products is scented from essential oils. It’s funny because my family is from Quebec and they pretty much bathe in eau toilette. Completely opposite of the angle we took with Educated Beards.

I learned a ton about skincare during this process. I feel like that seems to be the case with guys, at least that was for myself. So I wanted to build a brand that didn’t just sell a product, but was also a resource. That’s where the name educated beards came from.

Educated Beards kit showing products inside