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Case Studies A Spotlight on founder growth
The Swiss Army Knife of jackets and the most highly funded piece of clothing in crowdfunding history.
When co-founders Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah were dating long-distance between Chicago and SF, the flights were long and uncomfortable.
They created the BauBax travel jacket with 20+ special features that make journeys easier for everyone.
BauBax + Clearbanc

Based on the initial success of BauBax’s first crowd funding campaign, they wanted to launch product version 2.0.

Clearbanc provided them with capital to spread the word on Facebook and drive traffic to the new landing page. The results speak for themselves.


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Customer Acquisition

BauBax used Clearbanc funding to fuel their FB ad budget and drive traffic to their crowd funding campaign.

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The ROI that BauBax got from fueling their customer acquisition campaigns with Clearbanc’s growth capital.

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Amount of top-ups BauBax has received from Clearbanc so they can continue to scale their business.

"We’ve worked with Clearbanc a number of times for our short-term capital needs.
Thanks to Clearbanc, we were able to fund and scale our paid media campaigns, which led to over 300% growth YoY. Clearbanc was also integral in helping us raise $4.4M on our crowdfunding campaign.”
Hiral Sanghavi CEO, BauBax