Company: WILLFUL

Type: SAAS


Willful is an online estate planning tool that makes it easy, affordable, and convenient to create a will and power of attorney documents, without having to step foot in a lawyer's office.

After a sudden death in the family, Erin Bury's husband/co-founder, Kevin and his family were left scrambling to guess at burial wishes and funeral arrangements while grieving.
Launched in 2017, Willful exists to help avoid these stressful situations by making it easier to plan for and deal with death in a digital age.


Willful needed a way to educate people about an uncomfortable but important topic—estate planning. To get the word out, Willful used Clearbanc funding to power paid ads and experiment with exciting new marketing channels like influencers and events.

As a result, they expanded across Canada and grew sales by 300X in their first year of business.



Sales growth Willful achieved in their first year by using Clearbanc capital to fund paid search.

Marketing Expansion

Willful uses Clearbanc capital to explore new marketing channels, like events and influencer marketing.


Number of top-ups (a.k.a. cash advances) Willful received from Clearbanc after their initial round of funding.

"Clearbanc has been with us from Day 1 and is a pillar of our funding strategy, allowing us to invest in all of our marketing activities without having to give up equity.

It's one of the most founder-friendly sources of capital."

Erin Bury CEO and Co-Founder of Willful

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