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Case Studies A Spotlight on founder growth
Vinebox is a YCombinator-backed wine subscription service fueled by passion, discovery, and the stories behind the wine regions and the winemakers themselves.
In 2013, Matt Dukes was working such long hours in corporate law that he rarely saw day light.
Ultimately, he snapped. He bought a one-way ticket to France and started volunteering at a vineyard.
One day he stumbled across a demo vial that a local shop used for wine samples, and a subscription service idea was hatched...
Vinebox + Clearbanc

Matt quickly discovered that he was able to acquire Vinebox customers profitably via paid social campaigns.

To prepare for Q4, he wanted to boost his marketing budget. Using Clearbanc’s growth capital, he was able to grow Vinebox’s revenue 595% over the most competitive time of the year for ecommerce.


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Vinebox used Clearbanc's growth capital to fund their Q4 FB, Instagram and Pinterest ad campaigns.

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595% Revenue Growth

Vinebox successfully positioned itself to take advantage of the busiest online shopping period of the year.

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1101% ROI

Vinebox got such a high return on investment that it was able to secure a $5.9M series A (double the expected valuation).

"With the capital Clearbanc provided, we were able to double down on our marketing efforts, amplifying the channels that were already working well for us.”
Matt Dukes CEO & Co-founder, Vinebox