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Scrunch It is the only hair towel - and sleeping cap - that’s made specifically for curls. Instead of twisting and pulling your hair, you scrunch it - which accentuates your natural curls and makes them more voluminous.

When Devin Clifton learned there was no product on the market for curly haired people to maintain their waves, she took out her sewing machine.
A few prototypes and a patent later, a star was born. Devin raised 3x the amount of initial funding that she asked for on Kickstarter, and Scrunch It’s growth has snowballed ever since.


Clearbanc’s growth capital allowed Devin to expand from microfibre towels to satin sleeping caps, and add accessories to her product line.

Thanks to her boosted marketing budget, she’s been able to professionally produce a Facebook ad that will help her make the most of the holiday shopping season.



The amount of revenue growth Scrunch It experienced the first month that they used Clearbanc funding to fuel their marketing campaigns.

Ease of Use

Scrunch It’s founder cites kind support staff and a simple application process as a few of the reasons why she recommends Clearbanc capital.

One Flat Fee

Unlike a bank loan where the interest rate compounds, Clearbanc charges a simple flat fee - so the amount Scrunch It owes doesn’t go up over time.

"Clearbanc was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

The funding for my marketing is just so much bigger than it was before, and I’m able to order larger quantities of my inventory at a time. My entire experience has been so simple and so smooth.”

Devin Clifton Founder of Scrunch It Curls

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