Company: SAFIYAA

Type: D2C


Coming from a demanding career in fashion media, Daniela questioned why men had access to bespoke suiting while women had to settle for fixed styles. So, she started designing her own pieces and Safiyaa was born. Now, Safiyaa is a luxury brand that owns their own atelier and offers hand-crafted, made-to-order womenswear. Known as a “stylist in your pocket”, the Safiyaa team is dedicated to empowering women with the perfect fit from the perfect pieces.

SAFIYAA X Clearbanc

Imagine having an ultimate wardrobe with garments that have the perfect fit and timeless silhouettes. Daniela Karnuts, the founder and creative director of the UK-based womenswear brand Safiyaa, had this exact vision and made it happen.

Dedicated to celebrating femininity and elevating women’s apparel, Daniela wanted to grow Safiyaa on her own terms and remain true to her vision. With Clearbanc’s non-dilutive funding and network of partners, Safiyaa has the capital and resources they need to launch their luxurious collections.

What's Next

Safiyaa has ambitious plans for their brand’s future. In the short-term, they will be launching a sustainable denim collection and focus on widening their target demographic. As they launch new product categories and shift to a stronger DTC focus, Clearbanc enables Safiyaa with full control to share their story, including how their products are made and the ethos behind the brand.





Clearbanc helped shift to a D2C focus


Shipping & Marketing

“I think there’s something very authentic about being “by founders, for founders”. As an entrepreneur building a brand, it’s important to me to be able to grow Safiyaa with authenticity. With Clearbanc, I can scale Safiyaa while staying true to my original vision.”

Daniela Karnuts Founder

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