Company: PIGLET

Type: D2C


Piglet is a UK-based ecommerce business that sells high-quality stonewashed linens and bedtime apparel direct to consumers.

A self professed “messy person”, founder Jessica Mason wanted to create a bedding brand as comfortable as it is beautiful.
She launched Piglet in 2017 as a way to champion a product that felt true to real life and the cozy, warm feeling of coming home.


Many of the funding options Piglet explored were slow and cumbersome. Clearbanc’s flexible capital enabled Piglet to ramp up their marketing campaigns without limitations.

As a result, Piglet quickly exceeded their previous growth targets.



The growth of Piglet’s revenue after two months of using Clearbanc funding for marketing campaigns.


The ROI Piglet received thanks to their high-end products and increased marketing budget.


Amount of topups Piglet has received from Clearbanc so they can continue to scale their business.

"We love that Clearbanc really understands what it means to run an ecommerce business.

There's room to continuously scale without worrying about limitations on their side to provide the funding we need. We had the confidence to expand and know that we could continue what we were doing with Clearbanc’s full support.”

Jessica Mason Founder, Piglet

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