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With the goal of empowering young girls, Piccolina related to Clearbanc’s mission to democratize capital and enable entrepreneurs to scale.

After reviewing their options, co-founders Heide Iravani and Emily Clifford chose Clearbanc for the opportunity to grow their network through access to the best agencies, tech platforms and services, allowing them to secure the greatest return on their capital.

Now with additional cash flow, Piccolina is able to direct Clearbanc capital directly towards their paid ads and reinvest their growth into product expansion.


With three kids, two boys and a girl, Heide began to notice that a great deal of children's clothes incorporated gender stereotypes. As kids enter school they already contain ideologies that impact their learning trajectories and career paths. Piccolina breaks that standard.

Piccolina is built on the mission to empower young females, showing them there is no limit to what they can achieve.

What's Next

Piccolina started in apparel, but they see a huge opportunity to grow their business for “little ones who dream big.” As they’ve grown, they’re expanding their product lines, playing off their best selling items and taking them in a new direction to meet demand.



Since using Clearbanc


Return on Ad Spend

100% +

Increase month over month

"Stereotypes in kids clothes and products are perpetuating the under-representation of women in fields like science, technology, finance, and more. I wanted a better alternative, not just for my own daughter, but for girls everywhere. We love that Clearbanc is founder-first and their AI model empowers female founders. They’re a great partner to grow our business and make an impact."

Heide Iravani Co-Founder

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