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Packlane helps companies of all sizes bring their brand vision to life by offering a fast, easy, and efficient way to design and order custom packaging that delights customers.

A former software engineer, Miriam found herself on an entrepreneurial pursuit in the eCommerce industry. As she conducted her research, she noticed a lack of innovative, design-oriented solutions for branded packaging.
She founded Packlane to fill that gap by helping brands use design to drive value and create delightful products.


Packlane prides itself on taking a capital-efficient approach to growth.

By using Clearbanc funds to test and optimize marketing spend, Packlane is capturing untapped opportunities without giving up equity in the business. To date, Packlane has served over 30,000 businesses.


Accelerated ROAS

Packlane used Clearbanc to grow an already impressive return on ad spend by investing more in Google and Facebook ads.

Optimized Cash Flow

By using Clearbanc capital to fund marketing efforts, daily revenue is now freed up to pay vendors and hire contractors.

New Opportunities

Clearbanc gives Packlane the freedom to experiment with new marketing channels like content and SEO to power customer acquisition.

"After raising a seed round and small Series A, Clearbanc was a fresh and easy way to supplement our funding.

It offers us the freedom and flexibility to invest in the areas of the business that need it most. Clearbanc has really helped us grow responsibly."

Miriam Brafman Director & Owner of Packlane

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