Company: OLIVIAS

Type: D2C


Life constantly throws you off course, this was something Nick Moutter founder of Olivia’s, realized when his dream of living in LA was crushed and had to return back home. Little did he know his move back to the UK would push him to become a serial entrepreneur. <br /><br /> In 2018, Nick founded Olivia’s from a passion for luxury furniture and a stress free shopping experience. He decided to work directly with industry insiders and create a new shopping reality, handpicking each item to surpass customer expectations and pivoting modern luxury furniture to the online space.

Olivia's X Clearbanc

Determined to become the UK’s leading luxury furniture company, Olivia’s has taken a different approach to traditional furniture marketing. Partnering with influencers like Love Island stars, Paige Tuley and Finley Tapp, this unique approach has allowed them to capture the emerging young market.

Their unrivaled marketing strategy meant Olivia’s needed capital FAST. They were introduced to Clearbanc to sustain this growth and turn visitors who were initially attracted to the site because of influencer marketing into lifetime customers.

What's Next

With winter just around the corner, Olivia’s is prepping for their first season specific marketing campaign. This winter wonderland campaign launch will be a huge driver to the top of the luxury furniture industry, especially important as people are spending more time at home than ever.



6x growth


Year over year growth


Increase in monthly sales

“We are transitioning a super traditional and stuffy industry to online. Millennials in the workforce want beautiful homes, and new ways of getting there. Clearbanc has provided us with the marketing capital to find our customers where they spend the majority of their time, online.”

Nick Moutter Founder

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