Company: NUI

Type: D2C


NUI’s low carb, gluten-free, keto-friendly cookies make it easy for health conscious consumers to indulge in a sweet tooth without all the guilt.

When NUI’s cofounders went on a low-carb diet, they discovered that it was hard to love sweets and still stick to a healthy lifestyle.
After 20 tries in the kitchen, they created a cookie they both liked. They share it with people who want to indulge in desserts without the sugary consequences.


NUI initially explored financing from banks, but they were quoted interest rates of 25% or higher.

With Clearbanc, they were offered a much lower flat fee with the option to reduce it further by spending the cash with preferred vendors and ad platforms.


Extra Spend

NUI uses Clearbanc funding for Facebook and Google ads so they have extra money to spend on influencer marketing.

Quadrupled Sales

Using cash newly freed-up by Clearbanc, NUI launched a variety pack that quadrupled their daily sales.

Product Expansion

NUI plans on leveraging Clearbanc funding to launch new food lines beyond their flag ship cookies.

"We liked the model of getting capital to fuel our advertising costs, because we know what we can get for every dollar we spend on the marketing side.

Clearbanc is a no-brainer for ecommerce financing.”

Kristoffer Quiaoit Co-founder of NUI

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