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You can’t have a happy baby without a happy mom. Lorena Garcia, founder of Majka struggled  with the lack of self care available after she had her son. After discovering she had severe nutritional depletion, she couldn’t find the products she needed to produce enough milk for her baby.   Lorena built her career helping women. After traveling the globe teaching female entrepreneurs how to grow their brand, she started Majka, helping solve her own early motherhood issues and the problem of mothers everywhere.  


Majka provides high quality natural products that help mothers with postpartum nutrition and lactation support. Their products are non-GMO and free of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. With a wide selection of products including protein powder, oats, and even cookies, women can effortlessly get the nutrition and resources they need to be who their kids need.

What's Next

This year, moms have been busier than ever and nutritious meal replacements have been their saviour. Previously 100% self-funded, Lorena knew she needed capital to maintain Majka’s traction and scale her business. With funding for their marketing needs, Majka can focus on being the go-to for thriving moms.



2020 Growth


Venture capital funding


To help moms feel their best

I went back to work, but trying to be a great mom, wife, and entrepreneur was hard. I was scared to tell people I was running low. I couldn’t find a product that fueled me, so I made one. I started with a protein power, and Clearbanc really helped Majka take off as we grew.

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Lorena Garcia Co-Founder, Majka

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