Company: JOI

Type: D2C


How JOI Boosted Their Sales By 536% In Under 9 Months

It only took 1 month for Mike, CMO of JOI (Just One Ingredient), to see explosive growth and direct results of scaling their digital marketing with Clearbanc. Beyond funding, Clearbanc connected JOI to Attentive, a preferred partner that helped them see a 30X return from launching SMS alone, while getting cashback.


JOI perfected the DIY process for customers to make their own 100% nut-based plant based milk in the comfort of their own homes in less than 30 seconds.

No additives. No preservatives. Just one ingredient — nuts.

What's Next

From ramping up their email list (75% growth) to launching SMS marketing (30X return), the team had a 537% boost in sales in under 9 months.

This helped Mike and his team focus on their mission of reimagining what we consume for total food freedom.


+570% Revenue

JOI experienced a 328% net new customer growth

+30% AOV

JOI 7Xed their monthly subscriptions

+93% ROAS

Decreased CAC by 50%

"We’ve seen the biggest spikes the last 2 quarters, thanks in part to kicking off with Clearbanc. It’s helped us scale our marketing spend to reach more people more efficiently."

Mike O'Hagan Chief Marketing Officer

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