Company: INFUZE

Type: D2C


Infuze is on a mission to help people get the most out of their fitness and adventures,  empowering them to love what they do and stay hydrated doing it.  After seeing rapid growth following their launch, Infuze found themselves unable to keep up with demand and lacked the capital needed to fulfill their inventory needs. Through Clearbanc, Infuze was able to meet their high demand and enjoy the major returns of allocating their newly free cash flow to marketing. 


On an 18 mile hike in the mountains of Utah, Danny was having a difficult time staying hydrated and energized, while keeping his water bottle clean. Discontent with the current options on the market, Danny presented the idea of a self cleaning water bottle that also releases liquid flavouring to his MBA class. 

MBA-project-turned-business, Infuze’s eco-friendly bottles are now the go-to water bottle for professional athletes, fitness gurus and adventure enthusiasts.

What's Next

Infuze plans on utilizing their partnership with Clearbanc to invest in marketing campaigns to build brand awareness ahead of Black Friday and the holiday season. Now, infuze can confidently head into Q4 with the growth capital needed to continue scaling and hit new revenue targets.



Daily run rate increased




Revenue growth

I was laying in bed at 2:00am, worrying and questioning how Infuze was going to make it through the next month and I saw a post by Gary V saying Clearbanc was a game changer. Infuze is on track to grow another 20% next month, and Clearbanc has been and will continue to be the funding driving our growth.

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Danny Noall Founder, Influze

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