Company: HAUS

Type: D2C


After growing organically for their first six months, Haus looked to Clearbanc to scale their paid ads strategy.

Now, with Clearbanc capital fueling all of their paid ads, they’re first-purchase profitable and have grown 500% in the six months after partnering with Clearbanc.


Discontent with the current offerings in the traditional alcoholic beverage industry, Helena and Woody built Haus, the first D2C company in the liquor space. With a focus on providing millennials with aperitifs that fit their lifestyles, Haus is redesigning alcohol - from the ingredients they use, to the way they sell their products.

What's Next

Now that they have capital for paid ads, Haus is able to constantly engineer their messaging and reach new audiences. With Clearbanc, Haus doesn’t have to worry about capital and can continue to invest on their core growth initiative — disrupting the liquor industry.



Haus experienced a 2.5X increase in return on ad spend


5X Revenue Growth

6 Top Ups

Came back for more funding

"Our paid ad strategy is Clearbanc, full stop."

Helena Price Hambrecht Founder

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