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How FightCamp Achieved A 5X Lift In Monthly Revenue

FightCamp is a transformative in-home boxing experience with an interactive twist. Hand sensors track every jab and punch the user makes to deliver real-time results for a uniquely motivating and satisfying workout, each and every time.

The Challenge

An engineer by profession, Khalil Zahar began his boxing career as a masters student and had the opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in the world. After hitting a plateau, he went searching for a way to take his boxing to the next level using data to track and analyze his progress—and was shocked to find out that it didn’t exist. He founded FightCamp to fill this much needed gap.

The Solution

After receiving a round of angel investment, Khalil started looking for a way to supplement his funding and scale his business without having to give up equity. He took his first round of Clearbanc funding in March of 2019 to fuel an aggressive digital ad strategy. Several months later, FightCamp has seen a 5X lift in monthly revenue with no plans of slowing down any time soon.



The increase in monthly revenue FightCamp has experienced since taking Clearbanc funding

Cash flow

Clearbanc gives Khalil the runway to invest in marketing efforts, like Google and Facebook ads, without tying up cash needed for operational expenses

More funding

Using Clearbanc’s equity-free funding to grow, leads to bigger rounds of VC funding with less dilution down the road

"Clearbanc capital fuels our sales, which leads to more Clearbanc advances, which leads to higher valuations and larger rounds of VC funding. And because of this, we are giving up less equity along the way. So, I’m happy and my investors are happy—everyone is winning!"

Khalil Zahar CEO & Founder of FightCamp

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