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Completely Keto supports people through every stage of their Keto journey with a popular recipe blog, Facebook support groups, the Completely Keto cookbook, the Speed Keto diet plan, and innovative products.

Harlan Kilstein struggled with weight his entire life and was eventually diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. He turned to Keto as a way to manage his own health and was amazed by its effectiveness.
What started as a blog and Facebook group to build community, offer support, and exchange recipes quickly grew into an entire movement. Today, the Completely Keto community has grown to over 1.5 million followers.


When Harlan noticed that most products on the market claiming to be Keto actually aren’t, he knew there was an opportunity to support Completely Keto’s followers on a whole other level.

He started to develop a line of innovative Keto products, including shakes and MCT oil powder. Knowing that ‘weight loss season’ is fast approaching, he took on Clearbanc capital to ensure he is stocked up with the inventory needed for smooth sailing in Q1.


Q1 Prep

Harlan uses Clearbanc funds to ensure he has the inventory to fulfill an influx of Q1 orders.


With help from Clearbanc’s flexible capital and knowledgeable team, Completely Keto is on track to double its revenue record.

Future Growth

Since cash flow isn’t tied up in inventory, Harlan can continue to invest in product development (stay tuned for Keto bread!)

"After taking on different forms of funding in the past, I knew Clearbanc was different.

Right from Day 1, I got the impression that they really care about my business and truly want to grow with me. Thanks to Clearbanc, we’re on our way to double our revenue record!"

Harlan Kilstein Founder, Completely Keto

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