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How Chic Couture Sets Up For Black Friday / Cyber Monday Success

From humble e-Bay beginnings fueled by passion (and Johane Porsenna's savings), Chic Couture has grown into a multi-million dollar online fashion retailer with a reputation for high-quality products and best-in-class customer service.

The Challenge

For years, Johane scaled Chic Couture using BigCommerce as her trusted ecommerce platform and re-invested profits in marketing. But, with so many suppliers now requiring 100% payment up-front due to rising tariffs amidst the US-China trade war, she needed a way to secure high-quality inventory for Q4 without compromising her marketing budget and Q3 cash flow. She also needed new ways to stand out and reach net new customers to make this year's BFCM her best one yet.

The Solution

After seeing a Clearbanc ad on her lnstagram feed, Johane thought it was too good to be true, but now says it's a "no brainer!" With Clearbanc, Johane pays international vendors upfront and confidently avoids inventory issues that might impede Q4 sales. She also invests Clearbanc capital in high production marketing campaigns to launch new products and grow her dedicated client base, knowing her BigCommerce online store can handle the extra BFCM volume.


Secure Q4 Inventory

Johane avoided Q3 cashflow issues by using Clearbanc capital to pay international suppliers up-front for Q4 inventory.

Launch New Collection

Clearbanc provided additional marketing budget to successfully launch a new collection by investing in a professional photoshoot and video.

4000X +

By scaling her online store with BigCommerce and investing Clearbanc funds in customer acquisition, Johane saw more than 4000-fold growth in monthly sales.

"Clearbanc and BigCommerce have really saved my life. Because I have access to Clearbanc funds, I’m able to pay for my Q4 inventory upfront and invest in the marketing needed to successfully launch new product lines.

And knowing my store is powered by BigCommerce helps me sleep at night because I’m confident the purchase process will run smoothly throughout my busiest time of year."

Johane Porsenna Founder, Chic Couture Online

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