Company: BOKKSU



Bokksu partners with 100+ year-old, family-owned snack businesses in Japan to deliver curated, authentic experiences to the rest of the world via a monthly subscription.

Founder Danny Taing spent 4 years in Japan, and fell in love with the food and culture. When he returned to NYC with a suitcase of Japanese snacks, they were promptly devoured by friends at a house party.
He was left wondering how he could get more, and the seeds of Bokksu were sown.


As Bokksu has grown, Clearbanc has grown its product offerings - from vendor invoices to competitive flat fees to an expanding list of agency partners.

Along the way, Clearbanc’s Success team has ensured Bokksu has the support they need to thrive.



Using Clearbanc funding, Bokksu ran customer acquisition ad campaigns that led to 5X subscriber growth.

Breathing Room

Their new growth capital leaves space in the budget for hiring employees, setting up the supply chain and improving


Amount of topups Bokksu has received from Clearbanc so they can continue to scale their business.

"I’d been getting cold calls from Clearbanc, saying they had low flat fees and no personal guarantee. It seemed too good to be true, until we got verification from meeting in person, doing research and getting third-party feedback.

When we needed funding for the holidays, within 2 weeks we got approved and the money hit our account. It was amazing how fast the turn around was.”

Danny Taing Founder & CEO, Bokksu

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