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Type: D2C


Adam Hendle knew that men’s personal care products were often limited to the same single bar of soap for “4 uses in one”, and he also knew that modern men want more options for self care — so he founded Ballsy. His previous work with startups coupled with the huge product gap in the market left there to be no better fit. Using humour to unite people, Ballsy began attracting not just men, but significant others buying for their spouses, and mothers for their sons. Featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and more, this skincare range took the men's personal care industry by storm. Ballsy set out to steer men away from a typical body wash with a formulated product that allowed men to feel great about putting it in contact with their most prized possessions.

Ballsy + Clearbanc

Completely self-funded, after launching in 2017 Ballsy doubled their growth year over year. From there they knew that if men trusted them below the belt, they’ll trust Ballsy products anywhere. So, Ballsy expanded their range of products to shampoo, conditioners, deodorants and more. Using Clearbanc capital to help boost their hilarious marketing campaigns, Ballsy took a product centric approach and scaled their new launches quickly.



Product focused


By men below the belt everywhere


Growth YOY

It came down to how are we going to stick out in a crowded market? What’s going to make people stop and pay attention to us? Below the belt care is already a show stopper, but how do you then take that to the next level with your ads and Clearbanc has been a huge factor in providing us with what we needed to grow.

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Adam Hendle Co-Founder, Ballsy

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