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Whether you’re laying in the sand, or chasing your toddler down the beach, Andie Swim was engineered for modern life. Knowing that for most women, swimwear is associated with adjusting, tugging and pulling, Andie Swim is designed with every body in mind. Built by the women who faced the same challenges when shopping, Andie Swim’s team provides customers with start-to-finish support for all your swimwear needs. In the early days of the business, Andie Swim’s brand and styles struck such a chord that they quickly had a 100,000 person waitlist and today have been tried and tested by over 300,000 women.


Melanie Travis, founder of Andie Swim, had spent the majority of her career driving growth for startups and was motivated to start her own brand after seeing early momentum in ecommerce. Passionate about empowering women in all walks of life and knowing the struggles of shopping for a swimsuit, Melanie wanted to leverage ecommerce to remove the deeply personal struggles of swimsuit shopping.

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Melanie used Clearbanc to help ramp up their paid social and maximize growth. In doing so, Andie Swim quickly caught VC attention, where they raised a $6.5M Series A round of funding.



Year over year since launch


VC dollars raised in their Series A round of funding


When you wear a suit that fits, enjoying yourself comes naturally

VC money is really expensive, and you need to maximize it. By finding an alternative capital source to fund your paid social, you’re truly capital efficient and that’s been key to Andie Swim’s 300% YoY growth.

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Melanie Travis Founder, Andie Swim.

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