Company: ACE-MARKS

Type: D2C


How Ace Marks achieved a 4X ROAS by going all-in on Facebook advertising

After his fourth pair of $300 black leather shoes turned green, Paul Farago set off to Italy on a mission to change the industry. He founded Ace Marks to make hand-crafted, contemporary, luxurious, comfortable, and affordable shoes accessible to the modern gentleman.

The Challenge

Backed by 20 years of experience in the high-end shoe industry, Paul had the connections and know-how needed to successfully develop a high-quality product. Three successful Kickstarter campaigns and a round of angel investment later, Paul launched the Ace Marks website and built up his inventory. However, he knew that in order to scale, he needed an alternative source of funding to fuel a robust marketing strategy to grow Ace Marks’ customer base.

The Solution

With Clearbanc capital, Ace Marks has the freedom to invest in marketing without compromising cash flow. They invested in a partnership with MuteSix and worked with their campaign managers to build a powerful Facebook ad strategy focused on new customer acquisition, retargeting, and segmentation. As a result of this relationship, Ace Marks successfully optimized their ad spend and acquired net new customers without burning through their budget or overspending.


218% Increased Revenue

Ace Marks' used Clearbanc funding to fuel their partnership with digital agency MuteSix, which led to a boost in sales


Ace Marks leaned on MuteSix’s expertise to experiment, test, and optimize ads.

1187% more traffic

Ace Marks executed a highly successful customer acquisition strategy with help from Clearbanc’s flexible funding and MuteSix’s expertise.

"I shied away from exploring Facebook marketing in the past because cash was tied up in other areas of the business.

Clearbanc gave me the flexibility to invest in a digital agency like MuteSix, who really took the time to learn the nuances of my business and develop a tailored strategy. Clearbanc and MuteSix have been key partners in our growth story."

Paul Farago Founder, Ace Marks

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