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With the capital Clearbanc provided, we were able to double down on our marketing efforts, amplifying the channels that were already working well for us.
Matt Dukes, Vinebox
It was really helpful because [Clearbanc’s] repayment is based on future sales, allowing us to prepare for the busy holiday season. If we didn’t have Clearbanc, we would not have the working capital to make the most of our big season.
Sofia Eckrich, Teysha
In addition to the easy and quick setup process, we loved that Clearbanc provided a scalable solution for us to grow exponentially without any limitations. Gave us the confidence to expand and know that we could continue what we were doing with Clearbanc’s support.
Jessica Mason, Piglet
Growing on our own terms instead of giving away control is very important to us. Clearbanc was a great fit as they allowed us to seize the opportunities without giving up more of our company. What stood out to me was how transparent Clearbanc was, they gave me multiple offers to choose from, no surprises or balloon payments.
Nick Alt, Vnyl
Love the predictability of Clearbanc, as our business grew, their funding kept up each step of the way. As a result, I haven’t had the need to raise further capital and give away more parts of my company.
Danny Taing, Bokksu

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